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Welcome To the Humane Society’s No-Kill HappyPaws Farm!

At HappyPaws Farm, our mission is to save dogs and cats that have been neglected, abused, or are in some other way in need of care. We also work with people to help them keep their pets. We are a no-kill shelter. Our animals live in a farm-like setting, not in cages. We are currently working towards opening an 18 acre cat shelter with an emphasis on helping feral cats and reducing their population. We will also take in regular cats with medical problems who are not infectious. The new shelter will also house dogs following surgery, for short periods.

We also run a pet food bank for the low-income, on food stamps, who have animals. By running our own animal food bank we are able to pick up neglect cases, to spay/neuter, and provide vet care (as funds allow) and flea control. The need in these areas is tremendous. We also help low-income families by providing dog houses, fencing, flea control, wormings, and education.

Our main facility is our sanctuary in Arlington, WA, north of Seattle. We provide seven acres of lush green countryside for the lucky animals that find their way to HappyPaws Farm. Some of these pets had owners who were terminally ill or nursing home bound; were in domestic violence situations; came from meth houses, or were saved from poor conditions in their homes (see Shelter Stories). We work diligently to make our dogs and cats happy and to find them loving homes.

We are a 501(c)3 federal tax-exempt agency and also a non-profit state agency and United Way agency. All donations are tax-deductible.

Please Help Us!

Our sanctuary is supported mainly by donations from individuals. Through the generosity of people like you, we ensure that the animals that come into our care will never again have to be without food, be afraid, or in pain. You can specify where you would like your donation to be used -- (1) animal care & supplies, (2) building a new cat shelter (a lady left us 18 acres for this purpose but it needs to be developed), (3) admin costs (property taxes, dog-bite and other insurances, office supplies.) (4) Accounting and legal services (let us know if you know of anyone who will do this work pro bono.)  We also always need volunteers, foster homes, and dog walkers.

We also accept car donations. You can help save an animal by donating your old car, truck or property to us. These donations are tax deductible. We can pick up your vehicle quickly and do all the paperwork for you!

To continue helping animals after you are gone in a will or as a beneficiary, our IRS number is 91.2005526 and our legal name is Humane Society - Western Region. If you require help from an attorney to do this, just email us at or call (360) 652-5844.

Thank you for your much needed support and for caring about our animals.

Have Questions and Need To Email Us?

Please email your questions to We will get back with you promptly. Should you have any problems emailing us, please give us a call at (360) 652-5844.

Need Directions To Our Facility?

Directions to our shelter can be found on the Contact Us page or by clicking on the footer below on any page.


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