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Happy Endings

We are pleased to display some of our happy endings. There are so many, it is hard to post them all! Thanks to you, our special dogs below have found loving homes.

Shayden BitsyWow! I can't believe it's been almost six months since Shayden became a part of our home. He is doing really well! He graduated from obedience classes last month (Academy for Canine Behavior in Bothell) and is doing really well with his commands. He is an absolute joy!

FredWe adopted Freedom about one year ago (since renamed Fred). He has been a gift of immeasurable returns. The adoption fee for him has been the best investment we ever made. My wife and I both have stressful jobs. Fred lightens our mood every time we come home. He was pretty skittish at first. Spent the first week under the kitchen table (my wife actually slept on the floor with him so he wouldn't be alone). We also had to carry him up and down the stairs for a month. Now he is king of the house, ruler of roost. They opened an off-leash park in Kent last October and Fred is now an almost daily guest. He loves the dog park. Seeing him wrestle with dogs twice his size is amazing considering how scared he was when we first adopted him. He is now one of everyone's favorite at the park, one of the "regulars". I truly believe that Fred was sent to us by a higher power. I know it seems corny, but he is truly what we needed in our lives.
Paw Rod &Lee

RubyRuby has been with us for over a year now and I just wanted to express my gratitude. When we lost Muffy, our miniature schnauzer, to cancer nearly 4 years ago, it was a long time before the thought of getting another dog even came into my mind. But, inevitably, I missed my canine companion. When I met Ruby at HappyPaws, I knew she would be coming home with us. She hasn't replaced Muffy, but no dog could ever replace Ruby either. She has filled a void in our home and in our hearts. I cannot express how much Ruby means to our family. She's the perfect little girl, smart, loving, loyal, has a great sense of humor, and has the perfect small amount of mischief. We love our Ruby girl, and I can only hope that she's as happy living with us as we are having her here. I think she is. Thank you, HappyPaws Farm, for bringing Ruby into our lives!
PawLindsey, Louie & Margaret Long, Avie Wilson, and most importantly... Ruby

Happy PupsDear Snohomish County Officials:
I would like to express my strong opinion that Happy Paws Farm be able to operate at current policy levels. It is a well-run organization with dedicated staff and volunteers who keep dogs from roaming the streets. I recently adopted a dog from Happy Paws farm and was amazed with their facilities and staff. Do not limit their ability to serve dogs and the surrounding community! Please see the photo of one of Happy Paws' many happy endings.
Paw Lori Mitchell

HoshiHoshi (Star in Japanese) has been a delightful addition to our family. She is affectionate, gentle, smart, athletic, funny, happy, and LOVED! We are so glad we adopted her. She has added comfort, companionship, and unconditional love to our household.
Paw The Jensen Family

Sailor LupiWe were working with Linda I believe - and we adopted one of the Female Pointer/Lab Puppies. We just wanted to let you know how that puppy is doing now, and let you know that she is the most lovely, fireplace snuggling dog I've ever seen. And we absolutely adore her for it! Thank you so much for rescuing her, and allowing us to enjoy her each day! This is Lupi! Here she is enjoying a boat ride off of Vancouver Island, B.C. in August 2003. As you can tell, Lupi is suffering a miserable life! :-) It's tough being a dog!
Paw The Ericksons

TobyBennie, renamed Toby, is doing great. He is such a sweet dog. The seizures he was having when we brought him home seem to have stopped. He does hate to get his paws wet though... I have to carry him out to the middle of the yard to go potty. It is really funny to watch him try to walk on two paws to try to keep the other paws dry.

IndyHere is Indiana in a rare still moment. Several people have stopped to ask me if Indy is a pure Canaan. Feel free to post this photo of Indy (alias Bogart), who has been the best, smartest dog I ever had. Most people agree he is either "a real character" or "has real character". He has a multi-facetted personality: entertaining and quick to learn, a shameless back sleeper who loves his tummy rubbed, but boss of the playfield and leader of the pack. He is doing well with distance commands and hand signals. I've used Ian Dunbar and Jean Donaldson as my mentors.

IzzieLouieAbout 2 years ago (around the 4th of July), we adopted "Earsy" from HappyPaws Farm. Earsy was originally from Taiwan and rescued by TAARF. We renamed the puppy "Izzie", and she has turned out to be a sweet dog. Here's a picture of her with her brother, Louie. Izzie is on the left of the picture. They were both recently featured on Walter's Pet Forecast on Q13 Fox! We've recently moved to a house with a yard where Izzie and Louie like to run and play. She is doing well, and we appreciate all your help saving animals!
PawChia Chinn and Alisoune Lee

FreedomJust a note to let you know that Freedom is doing well -- he is still a bit nervous about his new home, but each day he seems to be a little more confident in the surroundings. He has a lot of nervous energy and has learned that excessive tail thumping can wake me or my wife at any time during the evening. Usually, he doesn't need to go to the bathroom, he just wants to play. To counteract this, my wife and I have been taking him on extended walks in the evening; this seems to use up some of his energy. Thanks again, we are very happy with him, hopefully he is happy with us!

PaddyThe Good Life! Quinness and Paddy (the dark pretty one), would like to thank HappyPaws Farm for giving us the start that they did, and for finding us such a good home. Our new people love us very much, and we provide wonderful friendship in return. Notice the wonderful couch they gave us!
PawLove, Peggy and Mike

Chris 2We fostered Christmas (Chris) in the beginning, but as we got to know Chrishim we just fell in love and decided to adopt him. See Chris' picture on the right when he was first picked up and his picture on the left after he had been with us for a number of months. What a change!! Thank you for saving him HappyPaws.
PawLove, your Mom & Dad

MargoWhat a sweet and loving dog Margo is. I can't believe she stayed at the sanctuary for eighteen months with no one wanting her because of her advanced years. She has really fit into my household and with my other two dogs Susie and Channel. What a gal she is. Boy, does she ever like her doggie basket. She snuggles right into the blanket. Thank you so much for helping us find each other.

ToriSugarI want to sincerely thank HappyPaws Farm for the two newest loves in my life. Gratefully, this no-kill sanctuary protected and provided for these wonderful dogs seemingly waiting for their forever home. These two mature dogs (Sugar is 10 years of age and Tori is 8 years old) are well behaved and mild in temperament and serve as a calming and caring influence on my blind puppy. Daily, I appreciate all the love that Sugar and Tori have brought with them into my life. Thank you so much!

LexiWe adopted Lexi during Thanksgiving weekend. It seems like she has been with us forever though she is a very young 3 1/2 years old. We wanted to send a few recent pictures of her. She continues to be an absolute delight. She also helps to keep our two Shelties young.
PawThank you again, Ed & Nancy

UrsaUrsa would barely come out of her crate for the first week after I took her home. I remember at the sanctuary, you had her in her own little area with a crate in the shed, and she wouldn't ever leave the crate. She had a lot of issues and fear triggers... she used to bark at men and was nervous around children; very fearful in general. She is still on the shy side, not very social with other dogs, but loves people. It is so good to see her happy and animated now, she is a real charmer!
PawThanks, Carole

Here are a few former residents of HappyPaws who recently visited the sanctuary during our open house. We are glad to see such happy families!

PawCinderella w/ Mom

PawHank w/ Mom & Dad

Paw Lucky w/ Family

Susie and Sandy
PawSusie & Sandy w/ Parents

Molly and BonnieI'm the one who adopted Bonnie in May. You had said you would like to see some pictures of her when she got bigger, so I've attached some for you to look at. She's definitely gotten bigger! She's been a great dog. She's well-behaved wherever I take her and she loves to socialize with other people and other dogs. I couldn't have picked a better puppy!
PawThanks again, Molly

SadieWe just wanted to update you on Lola, now Sadie, who we adopted about a month ago. She's doing great. She is very happy and healthy, and we have all bonded. We are so glad she is a part of our lives. She seems to have some Border Collie instincts / appearance, and is incredibly sweet and playful.
Paw With Thanks, Erin & Ethan

NatashaHere is a picture of Natasha with her new friend Sambuca. We had our groomer work on her winter coat so her fur is nice and shiny. The two are getting along well and enjoy their walks together around the neighborhood in the evening. Natasha loves to play and has a full basket of balls, toys, bones, etc., to keep her busy. Linda and I really enjoy having her companionship. Thank you for the work you do and the enjoyment you brought to our house.
Paw Bud Kopp

CodyWe would like to thank you for Cody. He is a wonderful dog. I've sent along a picture of him at his graduation ceremony from obedience class. He completed both the 'Puppy Head Start' and 'Advanced' classes at the same time! Not only that, he passed his 'Canine Good Citizen' test! We are very proud of him. As you can see in the photo, he not only graduated with honors, but he maintained his status as 'Resident Goofball' - Thank you for all your help!
Paw Brian & Kristen Pack

BennyThis is Benny. I have had him for almost 9 months, and he has settled into his new home quite well. He was very skittish at first, and still is a bit nervous when it comes to loud noises, but is making great progress. He was also nervous around people, but now he loves the attention he gets from people, especially when I take him into work, or hiking trails, where he gets all the attention he wants. Although I have had him for less than 9 months, it seems like I have always had him!

PennyPenny is still doing pretty well! Her heart condition has worsened, but she doesn't seem to know that. As of yesterday, she was 7 lbs. exactly, and she is looking absolutely marvelous! I don't know how I lived without this little darling.
PawThanks from Lisa Anderson

LexiLexi fills a hole in our hearts too! We had a wonderful dog, Meggie, who we had to put to sleep a little over a year ago. She had kidney disease and was 15. Meggie was half-cocker and half-sheltie... so many of Lexi's mannerisms are like Meggie's. We didn't choose her for that reason, but to our absolute surprise and delight, we found that Lexi shares many of the same characteristics of our little Meggie. It is a very special surprise!
PawThanks from Nancy & Family

Burt was adopted from HappyPaws Farm last November. Burt is the best dog ever born! He was a little growly/snappy when I got him, but after about six months of love and patience he's a big fat baby. I love Burt more than I love anyone, and want to thank you for taking care of him and letting me adopt him. I know it's stupid to love a pet so much, but I figure if anyone would understand it would be you folks. I've referred others to your sanctuary and hope you get lots of pets rescued.
PawThanks from Thomas


Happy Fleckles
Little Elliot
Baby Muffy
Beautiful Polly
Sweet Misty
Our Lil Bear
Lovely Pippy



To our volunteers and sponsors, thank you. Without you, we could not do what we do.

And, to all of our adopters, who have given our 'babies' wonderful, loving homes, what can we say? Without all of you, we could not have placed so many sweet faces over the past years. Words cannot thank you enough!

If you are looking for a special companion, go to our adoption page. If you would like to help, please email us at:!


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