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Our Wishlist

HappyPaws can always use supplies and volunteers. Can you help?

  • Volunteers are needed in the late morning to change food and water at our kennel in Arlington
  • We also have other volunteer positions open - basic trainers, help with fundraising, transporters, dog walkers, maintenance, painting.  In fact, we probably have a need for anything you like to do!  Note that you do need to come to Arlington to volunteer.
  • Gift cards to pet stores, Costco, Wal-Mart, supermarkets, gas stations, etc.
  • Dry dog food without any colored pieces in it, particularly Purina 1 but we will take any brand
  • Dog heating pads or heated beds
  • Items for our auctions which we hold twice a year. It can be anything new or like-new, even a donated service would be great
  • Postage stamps
  • Help with the heating bill for the dog and cat barns
  • Wet dog and cat food (Purina 1 preferred since it is used to mix medications in)
  • Dog and cat toys (not in the shape of other animals or people.)
  • Dog biscuits - large - not colored
  • Volunteers in the construction industry.  A regular handyman would be nice too.
  • Volunteers to help with grant writing and fundraising
  • Gravel and someone to spread it
  • Other laborer type tasks
  • Paper towels & antibiotic wipes
  • People to cut grass in the summer
  • People to staff donation tables outside of supermarkets to bring in donations for our animal food bank
  • Garbage bags
  • Volunteers willing to pick up dog food from various locations around Arlington
  • Funds (donations) to pay for veterinary bills, medicines, heat in the barns, insurance against dog bites and property taxes (due to the generosity of a very dear lady, deceased, we own the land our shelter is on)

If you can help or would like more information, please contact us by email at: Thank you so much for your help
-- The dogs, cats and staff at HappyPaws Farm


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